On the Spice Trail

December 9, 2013By Yvonne

The team at Lake Chalice Wines love spicy food. So much so, that it has created an entire range of wines designed specifically to serve with dishes of all chilli levels. The wines are classed into four distinct “flavour” categories. The first, Spice Trail Hot, is a blend of riesling, gruner veltliner and a splash … Read More

Al Fresco Wines

December 9, 2013By Yvonne

As soon as the temperature climbs into the 20s, Kiwis abandon the confines of the kitchen table and turn to the art of eating outdoors. Ah, the joys of picnicking. I mean, what’s not to love? The inevitable sand that finds its way on to your food, sticky-footed flies hovering doggedly just out of swatting … Read More

Sweet and Low..

November 13, 2013By Yvonne

Scarred by memories of clinging to the toilet bowl after one too many Marque Vues in the sun one troublesome, teenage summer, I thought my taste for sweet, fizzy wine had died a dreary death in recent decades. But the warming of the soil and the blossoming of spring flowers has sparked a desire deep … Read More

New Sauvignon Sensations

November 13, 2013By Yvonne

Last August was the 40th anniversary of the very first grape vines to be planted in Marlborough’s Brancott Valley. More than 1100ha were planted (by hand and by the sight of a rifle to ensure straight rows) in a smorgasbord of varieties, including riesling sylvaner, cabernet sauvignon, pinot noir and one nobody had really heard … Read More

A Year In Burgundy DVD is near…

November 8, 2013By Yvonne

  A Year in Burgundy Now on VOD & DVD “Tender and real. It shows the hard work, the travails and tribulations of working the soil for a living.”  — Wine Spectator VOD Streaming — Watch Now! A YEAR IN BURGUNDY is available now on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video and all other leading VOD platforms internationally. … Read More

I’m up for Summer Love…

August 14, 2013By Yvonne

If you travel twenty minutes west of Christchurch on the West Coast Road (SH73) you’ll enter the leafy locale known as West Melton which is home to a plucky community of winegrowers including Melton Estate.  Previously known as Sherwood Estate, the Melton Estate winery is the brainchild of Philip Caunter, a million-miles-an-hour man who can … Read More

Let’s be Franc…

August 11, 2013By Yvonne

When it comes to popular wine varieties cabernet franc is the bridesmaid of the Bordeaux family.  Essential in that everyone expects it to be there, (to make  up the numbers and keep the feng shui of all the flavours in balance) but it never seems to be singled out for  much attention.  I absolutely love … Read More

Under $25 Treats…

August 11, 2013By Yvonne

Like most people who enjoy a glass of wine or two on a daily basis, I really have to watch my wallet when it comes to buying bottles during the week.  $15 is my ballpark budget most days, but when the weekend rolls around I can always find an excuse to squeeze an extra ten … Read More

Champagne & Muttonbird? There’s a first time for everything…

August 11, 2013By Yvonne

If there’s one thing I hate more than that jelly stuff that develops on the bottom of cooked chicken when you put it in the fridge, it’s being told that I’m too old and too unfit to try something new.  So the other day when I was Queenstown I decided that rather than sitting around … Read More

Syrah Spins My Wheels…

July 10, 2013By Yvonne

I’m writing this column the morning after having done my first spin class. If you’re a squeamish sort then hop up now and go and move the cat or phone a horoscope hotline for the next few minutes because this won’t be pretty.  I’m not talking about  channelling my inner rumplestiltskin with a bag of … Read More