I am always really keen to try new releases of any description and I review everything I taste.  Not everything will necessarily appear in my newspaper or magazine columns due to space restrictions, but my reviews are available via this website and are free to use.

I do not charge any fee for my reviews and I only require one sample of each wine/beer/cider/spirits/liqueur etc…

When you send me the sample you MUST include information regarding the trade + recommended retail price and general availability of the product.  It is also a great idea to let me know if you have a high-resolution image of the product – as that’s what the newspapers and magazines require.

Please courier your samples to me c/o 617 Fitzroy Avenue, Hastings, Hawke’s Bay 4120, New Zealand

note…please don’t send me anything in polystyrene packaging

note some more…wines sent to me are unsolicited unless where specified in the review.