Breaking News!!

My wine show “Thirsty Work” debuted on Wednesday 15 August on FoodTV

Thirsty Work is a new show that unearths some of the personalities behind New Zealand’s successful and innovative Wine and Beverage Industry. The 7 episode series (which debuts on Food TV on Wednesdays from August 15th, 9.30pm) soaks up New Zealand’s beverage landscape.  Not just vineyards, but barrel halls, tank rooms, cellar doors, wine stores, supermarkets, breweries and backyard vignerons.

Throughout the series we get to share the stories and passion of each producer, all whilst taking our taste buds on a tiki-tour around some of the country’s most jaw dropping locations. “I really wanted to create a show that encourages people to look beyond what’s in their glass and connect with what they’re drinking on a personal level” says Yvonne, “to reveal that there’s a person, a family, and often quite a hard-case story behind that bottle that you’ve just bought”. Lorkin adds, “But the other priority is to make viewers feel more confident about buying and tasting wine, to increase their knowledge of food and wine matching, and to give them some handy hints about how to sound flash in front of their friends!”

Flash is definitely how the show looks, due to it being produced by one of New Zealand’s top lifestyle television teams. Carolyn Sylvester director of such shows as Taste New Zealand, Mucking In, Maggie’s Garden Show captures the crisp nature of not only the wines and beverages on show but also the stunning locations and interesting people that produce them.

Just some of the producers featured during the series: Sileni Estates, Greylands Ridge, Alpha Domus, Clearview Estate, Old Mout Cider, Emerson’s Brewing Co, Misha’s Vineyard, Hunter’s Wines, Forrest Estate, Trinity Hill, Yealand’s Estate, Vidal Estate, Renaissance Brewing, Pasquale Vineyards, The Hawke’s Bay Amateur Homebrewers and Winemakers, Greystone & Muddy Water Vineyards…