Astrolabe Farm Marlborough Riesling 2016 ($23) 4 stars

19 September 2017By Yvonne

This wine smells just like you’ve walked into an orchard growing lemons on one side and apples on the other. So intense yet so delicate and the palate reflects exactly that. But I’d expect nothing less however from Simon Waghorn, winemaker extraordinaire and all-round riesling rockstar. Crafted from his home farm vineyard in Marlborough’s Grovetown … Read More

Sweet As For Summer!

17 December 2011By Yvonne

“We will NEVER do nine stickies in one year ever again” says a worn-out Dr Andrew Hedley. 2011 is Andrew’s tenth year at Framingham Wines, and to celebrate he and his team thought it might be clever to have a crack at making every style of sweet white wine under the sun.  Yet having been … Read More

Is Purple Death the worst wine in the world?

16 December 2011By Yvonne

There’s a bit of a survey making the rounds of the Twittersphere asking if Purple Death might be the worst wine ever made.  I think that’s a tad harsh.  Back when I was a teenager and it was the only thing I could afford that actually had any alcoholic strength; I thought it was pretty … Read More

Tasty Treats for Christmas

16 December 2011By Yvonne

Lordy where on earth has the year gone?  I swear it feels like only yesterday that I was racing around trying to buy Easter eggs and now it’s Christmas!  It’s been a manic, rollercoaster of a year and I’m sure my poor adrenal glands have totally wizened up to the point of resembling ropey old … Read More

Waipara? Why Not!

16 December 2011By Yvonne

Waipara’s where your wildest dreams come true… Fourty minutes drive north of Christchurch central and you’re in Waipara, which is (after an incredibly generous spring) an absolutely stunning looking, heaving mass of lush, green grapevines.  Until relocating to Canterbury back in January, I’m embarrassed to say that I’d only ever visited the region once; even … Read More

Register for Burgundy Tasting at Pinot Celebration 2012

22 November 2011By Yvonne

BURGUNDY TASTING TO EXPLORE THE ‘CRU’ QUESTION Pinot Noir – that wonderful heady variety generates such passion in people – it inevitably leads to posing more questions than it does answers. The 2012 Central Otago Pinot Noir Celebration – being held in Queenstown 26-28th January not only includes tastings of Central Otago pinot noir, Winery … Read More

14 November 2011 Wine Guide’s 20th Anniversary & New Winery on the Wairau

16 November 2011By Yvonne

It’s been called ‘the absolute bible of New Zealand wines’ and ‘totally indispensable’ by critics and consumers alike, and over the last 20 years I’ve watched Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide to New Zealand Wines grow from a dainty, pocket-sized paperback to a tome so heavy SAS troops are made to complete torturous 10km training runs with volumes … Read More

31 October 2011 Fishing for ideas…

15 November 2011By Yvonne

Fishing for ideas… My husband can’t catch a fish.  Ever since we moved to Christchurch from Hawke’s Bay ten months ago he has gone from being an absolute ninja warrior fisherman on river, lake or ocean – to someone who can’t catch a bite to save himself.  I say ninja warrior because anyone familiar with … Read More

24 October 2011 Sauvignon Lighten’s Up…

14 November 2011By Yvonne

Sauvignon Lightens Up Alcohol isn’t everything.  I wish someone had told me that when I was eighteen and making an idiot of myself.  But back then there wasn’t much in the way of choice,  it was all or nothing.  Although they contained less alcohol, more than two beers made my stomach churn, I didn’t really … Read More

17 October 2011 Central Riesling & Pinot Shine at International Show

14 November 2011By Yvonne

Last week, for the first time in history a New Zealand riesling won the London-based International Wine and Spirits Competition (IWSC) Trophy for Single Vineyard White.  The wine in question was the Two Sisters Vineyard Central Otago Riesling 2007 ($35) and now I’m itching to try it myself.  This is a phenomenal international achievement for … Read More