Hawke’s Bay releases the nation’s first 2014 “Sauvy”

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand – April 1st 2014 – Marlborough may be the home of Sauvignon Blanc but this year Hawke’s Bay is its home-away-from-home, as the first Sauvignon Blanc of the season hits the market today care of local winery Moana Park.  The “Crush Pad by Moana Park” label is believed to hold the first of this iconic kiwi drop released from the earlier-than-usual 2014 harvest.

Moana Park winery owner Dan Barker is pleased to see Crush Pad be the first on the shelf, and is “pumped” about the quality of this year’s grape harvest.  “The 2014 harvest has come on several weeks early for us here in Hawke’s Bay on the back of a moderate, steadfast summer.”  Rainfall in the region has been few and far between, with Moana Park noting only 70mm of rainfall for the season thus far, with 55ml of that being across a meager three weather events.  “It’s a recipe for amazing wine, and we are licking our lips for what’s to come in the remainder of the season”.

The winery, which made nationwide news last year when it lost $165,000 of merlot – dumped on the ground by vandals -, appears to have left the trials of 2013 behind with this early Sauvignon release.

In terms of the rapid winemaking, Dan explains “young, vibrant wines are what Crush Pad is all about.  While we love creating seriously fine wines at the super premium level, we also like to have a bit of fun” tells Dan.  “With Crush Pad we wanted to prove that it’s possible to crush grapes straight off the pad and have them fresh, fruity and ready for the drinking within a matter of weeks, while still meeting the strict quality and natural winemaking measures we impose on ourselves.  That’s what Crush Pad is all about, and it’s been pretty fun to make.”

In addition to the winery’s robust sustainability measures, the Crush Pad Sauvignon Blanc has been “dry-farmed”, which means no irrigation, equating to a reduced impact on the environment in the area.

As for where to get a taste, the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc will filter out to stockists of Crush Pad over the coming days and weeks, and people who are after the season’s first drop are encouraged to check online at www.crushpad.co.nz for their list of stockists.


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