Csânyi Teleki Villanyi Merlot 2019 $27

If you’re a merlot nut, or simply merlot-curious, you might be excited to know that you don’t have to stick with the same old styles from our local heat-traps,  finally, we have access to a really interesting style from Hungary! Super-earthy, dusted with cocoa powder, blueberry and brick dust, it’s not a fruity, berry-driven merlot, it leans into the meaty, savoury, spicy spectrum.  Imported by Caspar Van der Luijs, the Cysányi winery grow the merlot for their Chateau Teleki brand in the Hársos vineyard in the village of Kisharsány and 63% of the wine is fermented and matured in large Hungarian oak barrels while 37% is aged in older, more seasoned barriques. ” Csányi Winery is located on the outskirts of the town of Villány, the predecessor of which, Chateau Teleki Winery was established by world-famous viticulturist Zsigmond Teleki, back in 1881. The Teleki’s left their old system of cellars almost intact and built a modern winery above it that meets modern-day winemaking’s demands. So it’s a pretty cool place to visit.


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