Matahiwi Wild Holly Wairarapa Pinot Noir 2021 $35-$44

Crafted by winemaker Liam Macklin*,  this wild and woolly pinot has had 3 weeks on skins to extract colour and texture and then aged for 14 months in French oak to inject some smoky tones and according to Liam, it was created with “No additives, no fining, no filtration, just fucking fermented grape juice!” It’s firm yet funky, crammed with dark tamarillo and cherry flavours, loaded with hedgerow spices and it’s a louder, bolder expression of Wairarapa pinot noir. One for the cellar for sure.

*Liam also states “The art adorning the bottle is a nod to something known as The Mandelbrot Set. The Mandelbrot Set is a set of complex numbers in Fractal Geometry. When iterated onto itself, and plotted via computer graphics, we can see a distinct link between the set and the natural world. Purely organic shapes on an infinite plane. This has fascinated me for a long while, and so I wanted to share this concept with others.”