Selaks 1934 Hawke’s Bay Rosé 2019 $16.99

Reviewed in Canvas Magazine in the NZ Herald April 4 2020 and paired with Annabel Langbein’s Lamb and Chickpea Curry

Well I’ll be fragrantly footstomped! Here we have a supertasty smorgasbord of 67% merlot, 29.5% sauvignon blanc, 1.3% pinot gris, 1.2% malbec, 0.7% cabernet sauvignon and 0.3% cabernet franc all combined to create one of the most sippable, full-bodied rosés I’ve tried in aeons.  Trout-pink and perfumed with ripe citrus and wafts of watermelon and cherry.  There’s also a hit of herbaceousness on the nose and palate from the hefty whack of sauvignon blanc in the mix and that injects whipcrack freshness that extends from the lips right through to the finish.

Widely available in supermarkets nationwide.