Redmetal ‘The Merlot’ Hawke’s Bay Merlot 2000 $40 (sold out)

Closing in on twenty years old, this merlot from the iron-rich, red-metal gravels of Hawke’s Bay’s Bridge Pa Triangle district is heading into its twilight years.  I remember tasting this wine WAY back in 2004 and it was just a perky little puppy, it’s feet were too big for its skinny legs and its fangs needed to grow.  Well it’s morphed through each stage deliciously over the years and now it’s a real treat to be able to taste how the fruit has evolved into coffee, leather, vanilla, soy and soft tannins round the finish out. You may also find tiny, dark, crystals attached to the bottom of the cork (often called ‘wine diamonds’) – but they’re totally harmless, so don’t fret.  Just enjoy.