Saorsa Cornerstone Vineyard Hawke’s Bay Viognier 2016 $30

Pronounced “Sore-Sha”, the name Saorsa is a Scottish Gaelic word that not only means but also represents a radical sense of freedom, liberty and salvation according to owner Alex Hendry, one of Hawke’s Bay’s most exciting and ‘one-to-watch’ winemakers.  Crafting just viognier and syrah, his 2016 vintage of viognier is his best one yet.  He’s hit that incredibly difficult balance between highlighting the rich, luxurious, succulently oily textures and aromas of jasmine, apricot, and ripe peach alongside rippingly, racy acidity.  Capturing and maintaining and enhancing that hard-to-achieve acidity in viognier is what Hendry does best and I’m in my happy place with every sip.  Hints of apple strudel, soft smoky notes and a textural finish that lingers long, long, long. It’s hands down, one of my favourite viogniers.  From anywhere.  It’s amazing.