Hi there,

It’s been bought to my attention that some people are having trouble series linking Thirsty Work on the MySky.  So I rang SKY and they’ve told me there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work, but some viewers may simply need to do what’s called a ‘soft reset’ on their decoder.

So this is what you do:

Flip the lid down on the right hand side of your decoder.

Press the Orange reset button and hold your finger on it.  The lights on the decoder will begin changing colour.  When the lights turn blue/purple then you can take your finger off the button.

This reset will not affect anything that you have already programmed into your system, but it may just fix whatever bugs might be in your system preventing you from series linking Thirsty Work.

If you still have problems then please contact SKY TV customer services on 0800759759

If you have missed episodes please contact FoodTV contact@foodtv.co.nz and they may be able to help – but we are also planning a run of DVD’s which will hopefully be available soon -yay!