Kurow Estate Black Star Waitaki Field Blend 2016 $27

November 28, 2017By Yvonne

A ‘field blend’ is a way of creating wine that truly reflects the composition of the vineyard and steers away from the modern practice of keeping everything separate. An organically produced blend of pinot noir, pinot gris and gewurztraminer, this wine is like a red, a rose and an orange wine all rolled into one. … Read More

Positive Chi For Your Tastebuds

January 4, 2013By Yvonne

One thing I’ve learned is to never drink wine whilst watching Embarrassing Bodies followed by Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares.  There’s nothing like an unsightly pus-filled lump followed by another, well, slightly worse tempered, foul mouthed, pus-filled lump to put my palate up the Khyber.  For me, environment is everything. I’m no frilly hippy and I’m no … Read More