Mediterranean Mecca

7 March 2012By Yvonne

Mediterranean Mecca  view pdf of newspaper column… Nestled amongst panel beaters, plumbing firms and various other trade-oriented whatnot down the industrialised end of Tuam Street in Christchurch is a veritable oasis for anyone yearning for a Mediterranean wine and food fix.    The wine shelves at Mediterranean Foods are almost back to their bulging best following … Read More

Is Purple Death the worst wine in the world?

16 December 2011By Yvonne

There’s a bit of a survey making the rounds of the Twittersphere asking if Purple Death might be the worst wine ever made.  I think that’s a tad harsh.  Back when I was a teenager and it was the only thing I could afford that actually had any alcoholic strength; I thought it was pretty … Read More

Aperol Aperitivo

16 December 2011By Yvonne

Aperol Aperitivo ($35) 700ml.  Produced in Padova by the Barbieri Brothers, Aperol is the number one selling spirit in Italy.  It’s basically a low-alcohol aperitif which has a gorgeous, bittersweet taste of orange oil, mandarin peel and exotic spices.  I have no idea how it’s made because the recipe is a secret, but at 11% … Read More

Waipara? Why Not!

16 December 2011By Yvonne

Waipara’s where your wildest dreams come true… Fourty minutes drive north of Christchurch central and you’re in Waipara, which is (after an incredibly generous spring) an absolutely stunning looking, heaving mass of lush, green grapevines.  Until relocating to Canterbury back in January, I’m embarrassed to say that I’d only ever visited the region once; even … Read More

Yellow Tail Moscato NV

14 November 2011By Yvonne

Yellow Tail Moscato NV $11  A burst of white-flesh nectarine, yellow plum and spritzy, tangy tropical tastiness is what you’ll get in each glass.  Sure it’s sweet, but it’s also very clean and crisp and at a rather bashful 7.5% alcohol it’ll also help you keep your keel even during those long, summer lunches.  Widely … Read More

Ti Point Matriarch Matakana Syrah 2010

14 November 2011By Yvonne

Ti Point ‘Matriarch’ Matakana Syrah 2010 $45  Perfumed and peppery, this wine is both muscular and meat yet feminine and frisky and just like the woman it’s named after I’ll bet it’ll become more beautiful with age.  Different layers of flavour unfurl with every minute it’s in the glass – so take your time to … Read More

Lindauer turns 30!

21 September 2011By Yvonne

A birthday for our bubbles… Who’d have thunk it?  Lindauer, the signature fizz of this fair land has turned 30!  Undoubtedly without this classic bubbly there’d be weddings, 21st’s, office shouts, Christmas parties, birthdays and (dare I say it) funerals which would be much less cheery affairs.  So lraise your glass to a brand which … Read More

squawking magpie ‘the stoned crow’ gimblett gravels syrah 2009

21 September 2011By Yvonne

Squawking Magpie ‘The Stoned Crow’ Gimblett Gravels Syrah 2009 $40  Inky-dark and packed with concentrated plum, cocoa, sexy spices and lifted dried-herb aromatics.  In the mouth it is luscious, juicy and elegantly flavoursome.  The tannins are solid, present yet beautifully integrated and contribute to stunning length of flavour.  This is a superb wine which is … Read More

27th August 2011 Is colour all it’s cracked up to be?

19 August 2011By Yvonne

Is Colour all it’s cracked up to be? One of the unique aspects of this job is that over the course of a year you get to try an immense array of wines from week to week and your tastebuds are constantly tested because they’re never allowed a dull moment.  Many of the wines I … Read More

Emerson’s Limited Edition Southern Clam Stout

14 August 2011By Yvonne

Emerson’s Limited Edition Southern Clam Stout 6% 500ml $9 I’ve tasted oyster stouts but never a clam stout, this one however is dark and inky with a foamy, coffee-creme coloured head.  On the nose it’s distinctly marmitey with a hint of dried kelp and salty seafood notes.  In the mouth it’s intense, with charred, iodine-like … Read More