Three ways to ease the speed of summer

January 19, 2016By Yvonne

Published NZ Herald Sat 16 Jan 2016   What?  How did it suddenly become the middle of January already?  To ease the shock I suggest reaching for some tastebud-distracting deliciousness that’ll send you back to September in seconds flat.   Mansfield & Marsh Methode Traditionnelle Sparkling Wine NV $14.95 This is my new favourite bargain bubbly.  … Read More

Spicy reds are drops to savour

January 12, 2016By Yvonne

Published NZME Regional Newspapers Tue 12 Jan 2016   By now so many of you will be back at work, watching the clock and making little sculptures out of blu-tac at your desk. You’ll be shuffling paper, sticking PostIt notes to things and walking purposefully from your desk to the staff loos every 30 minutes … Read More

Three decadent dessert wines

January 9, 2016By Yvonne

Published NZ Herald Sat 9 Jan 2016   Just when you’re thinking about hauling your carcass into some active wear and going for a jog, wait, shuffle around the block; you see a wine column singing the praises of those luxuriously decadent dessert wines you love so much.  Curses…   Johanneshof Noble Late Harvest Marlborough … Read More

New style, plenty of substance

January 5, 2016By Yvonne

Published NZME Regional Newspapers Tue 5 Jan 2016   Bubbles causes a real raquet… For the next fortnight, fans of backhands, forehands, faults and aces, loves, deuces, advantages, serves, volley’s, outs and on-court tantrums will be going bats and balls over the ASB Classic in Auckland.  Usuallly tennis is the domain of pimms and cucumber … Read More