Pegasus Bay Vergence White Mk 3 $27

The third iteration of Mat Donaldson’s deliciously wild and fabulously feral blended white project, the Vergence* Mk 3 is a multi-vintage wine using 60% oak-aged Semillon, approximately 19% whole bunch fermented Sauvignon Blanc, around 15% Gewurztraminer and a splash each of Muscat and Riesling. From the first sniff and sip you’ll see that different fermentation and maturation techniques have been used including some skin contact and lees stirring thrown in. The result is an incredibly juicy, succulently structured wine with a core of honey, lychee and spiced nashi notes. Hints of musky ginger, baked apple and florals up the wahzoo (technical term) unleash exotic rewards in every sip.

*Vergence is the term used when the pupils of the human eyes look inwards and outwards during focusing.

Pegasus Bay.

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