Carrick The Magnetic Organic Bannockburn Pinot Noir 2021 $80

Righto. Strap yourself in. Or if you don’t have straps, maybe just find yourself some cushions to wedge yourself between, because you could find yourself being taken to unknown dimensions when you start sipping this wine. Named after a gold dredge prominent in the Kawarau River, this pinot noir was crafted entirely from New Zealand’s most famous and most mysterious clone, the ‘Abel’ or ‘gumboot’ clone. Google it. Just 7 barrels were made of this single-parcel pinot which was matured for 9 sleepy months before begin bottled with no fining and a very gentle, coarse filtration. Loaded with personality and cherry and blueberry buoyancy, it’s a juicy, slightly savoury style with a spicy spine and a long, generous finish