Maison Noire Home Block Hawke’s Bay Syrah 2021 $70

The ‘Home Block’ for Maison Noire’s winemaker Guillaume Thomas, is a tiny, 1.5ha vineyard growing on limestone laden soils on the winding road out to Waimarama Beach. Just 80 cases of this syrah was made, so it’s super-limited, but super-tasty. Inky-dark and glossily gorgeous, and boasts an exotic smorgasbord of aromas ranging from black guava, dark cherry, boysenberry and crushed peppercorns. There’s a floral intensity to this syrah and a palate which is deeply textural and layered with blueberry, seasoned leather, savoury, smoky notes and iron-filings tannins that offer grip and cling to the finish. Love it!

Maison Noire