Carrick Organic Bannockburn Pinot Gris 2020 $32

Paired with Annabel Langbein’s Lemongrasss Chilli Chicken NZ Herald Canvas Magazine 28th Oct 2023

If you like your pinot gris to have a teensy splash of sweetness, then prepare for all the grins to begin. I love the classic walnut and nashi niceness in this absolute belter from Bannockburn. Smooth, elegantly structured, mouthfilling, and juicy, it’s a crunchy yet complex style that’s superb to serve with anything spicy. In fact, it’s so super-sippable, it’s the kind of wine you’d take to restore the peace with your sister-in-law who’s still upset you forgot little Phoebe-Jean’s fifth birthday which was like almost a year ago. Destroy her grudge by proffering a tasty glass of this and you’ll be all good.