Vergence MK II Waipara Red by Pegasus Bay 2021 $40

For Mat Donaldson, winemaker at Pegasus Bay, his Vergence range is all about pushing the oeno-envelope, so steady yourself for an unusual blend of some whole-bunch pinot noir and whole-berry cabernet sauvignon that’s earthy, cherry-driven and laced with soft spearmint, plum, bay and tobacco leaf layers on the nose and palate. The pinot was matured in French oak for a year, while the cabernet was fermented and matured in barrel for 200 days before the two wines were blended and bottled. The result is a silky-soft, soothing, blueberry and spice-stacked style that will satisfy any situation because it’s dangerously easy to drink and thought-provoking at the same time.

Pegasus Bay