Drummond Farm Happy Jack Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020 $30

Paired with Skordalia by Annabel Langbein NZ Herald Sat 17th 2022

If you were going to go full authentic on what to sip with skordalia, then best you bust out that bottle of retsina you bought to remind yourself of when you were 20 and went to Mykonos on a Contiki, drank buckets of resinous tasting wine, ate some grilled octopus (so edgy) and pashed someone from Scotland. Otherwise, a glass of this intense, apple, apricot and lime-saturated sauvignon made by Alex Muir will serve just as well. In a Leah Craven-designed label dedicated to Alex’s boating-mad grandad Jack, this incredibly complex, partially barrel-fermented, saline-edged stunner will slice across this garlicky, oily spread sensationally.

Crafted from grapes grown by George Bunnett and Alex Muir, this sauvignon has had minimal sulphur additions and a blend of stainless steel and barrel fermentation to layer both smoky complexity and citrus intensity into the wine. Oh and if you see tiny crystals (wine diamonds) in the bottom of the bottle, they’re harmless and show that the wine has been minimally handled. Nice.

Drummondfarm.land or martinboroughwinemerchants.com