Swift Wines Bridge Pa Triangle Whole Bunch Syrah 2020$40

If you’re expecting classic violets and pepper and all that normal syrah ‘stuff’ then best you put your seatbelt on and scoot right out of the CBD because winemaker Lauren Swift shakes her syrah up. A field blend of two clones, Mass Selection and Chave have been hand picked, fermented wild, hand plunged and the vats taken outside to warm naturally in the sun each day until the cap (the mixture of skins and seeds) sunk on day 23 – the wine was then pressed and aged for 15 months until being bottled unfined and unfiltered. Fans of savoury, furry, smoky tones in their syrah will enjoy the funky elements of this wine, and if bold, chewy, cheek-chafing tannins are your thing, then this is for you.

Swift Wines