Yvonne’s picks …

(Overnight Buttery Brioche)
Rock Ferry Central Otago Brut Rosé 2016 ($55)

Crafted by Allan McWilliams, this certified organic bottle of rose-gold gorgeousness is a beyond beautiful match with this fluffy, buttery brioche. With subtle aromas of berry bagel dough, crushed almonds and lemon pith and a lick of Shrewsbury biscuit and flavours leaning toward the deliciously dry, mineral-dusted, crunchy-crisp spectrum – it’s taut and textural and if you’re on Keto, then you’ll probably be kicking yourself right now.

(Olive and feta brioche scroll)
Kererū Brewing One Fin Day Lemon Pepper Gose (330ml $60x12pk)

Pairing bread and beer is like love and marriage, horse and carriage stuff for me and, as soon as you sip the light, lemony, caper-edged One Fin Day (an unfiltered, kettle-soured wheat beer pronounced “gose-ah”) with Annabel’s olive and feta scrolls, the clouds will part, the sun will beam through, your tongue will tingle with saline and citrus and all will be well with the world.

(Sweet grape-studded brioche)
Morningcider Strawberry Rosé Cider (330ml $4)

If the thought of nibbling this buttery, gloriously grapey brioche makes you giddy, then washing it down with the superb Strawberry Rosé Cider will absolutely send you sideways. Beautifully balanced, it merges apples from their urban apple orchard and strawberries and blackcurrants together to deliver a smack of sweetness and crunchy crispness with every sip. A superb combo.

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