Collaboration Wines Aurulent Hawke’s Bay Chardonnay 2019 $36

Ever had that feeling, like when you’re watching a young sportsperson make a showstopping debut, or an underdog artist give the performance of a lifetime, that you’re witnessing history happen and they’re about to become seriously famous? That’s how I felt as soon as I sipped this new chardonnay from Hawke’s Bay winemaker Julz Brogden. It’s absolutely headshakingly jawdroppingly delicious. From the acres of peachy perfection, grilled grapefruit, toasted almonds and buttered crumpet characters on the nose, to the rich, seductively smoky, citrus-stacked palate, this wine is a NZ classic in the making. As the great Britney Spears once demanded “Gimme More”