Petane Station Edelzwicker 2020 $27

How it looks is exactly how it’s pronounced my little edel’s! Edelzwicker is a very old German/Alsatian wine name created from the word ‘edel’ (noble) and ‘zwicker’ (blend) where different ‘noble’ grape varieties are all picked on the same day from the same vineyard to create a wine that truly reflects the season and the site. Winemaker Philip Barber has done just that, co-fermenting a ‘field blend’ of his own ‘noble’ varieties, 40% pinot gris, 30% chardonnay, 20% gewürztraminer and 10% whole-cluster viognier for 7 days on their skins (which gives the wine an orange hue) then the grapes were pressed and finished fermenting in tank before settling for another 6months on its yeast lees to add further complexity. The result is a wild and woolly wine, cloaked in dried herbs, baled hay and rain-on-hot-rocks characters. Don’t expect fruit and florals, you won’t find them, but if you’re looking for spice, minerality and adventure, then you’ve cycled down the correct cul-de-sac.