Middle Earth Nelson Pinot Gris 2020 $22 

My number-one match for pumpkin soup has always been good pinot gris, and that’s not about to change now that I’ve tasted Middle Earth’s new delish offering. There’s something about the rich, spiced nashi notes and juicy, cleansing, luscious mouthfeel in this wine that makes it perfect with the creamy sweetness that pumpkin possesses. Crafted from two different clones (2/15 and 2/21, thanks for asking), it’s a robust, ever-so-slightly-sweet southern style that’ll wow the crowds and impress the trousers off your friends. So intensely fresh and frolicsome – I can’t quite express how lovely it is to sip. Forgive the bubbly look of the label in this photo – it was a sample bottle, so it doesn’t have to look perfect, just taste great. Job done.