Black Estate North Canterbury Treble Rosé 2020 $32

It’s called the ‘Treble’ because to craft this wine, the team at Black Estate have blended five varieties of grapes (pinot noir, riesling, chenin blanc, cabernet franc and chardonnay) harvested from their three, certified organic vineyards together. Wild fermented with cultures kick-started in the vineyard itself, this rosé from a sensational vintage, definitely a characterful, wild and free rosé bursting with funky-fresh flavours.  Much of the fruit went into the ferment with intact berries which adds a layer of complexity, the acidity is crunchy and elongates the spice and spine.  It’s not your usual snappy, clean, manufactured fruit-fest that’s for sure. Un-fined and un-filtered, so you can expect a little cloudiness, which is all good.