Kererū Brewing Black Swan Barrel-Aged Belgian Ale 2018 $34

Reviewed in dish Magazine July/August 2020 and paired  with Sticky Asian Beef Short Ribs

Holy smokin’ sweet stuff Batman!  The luxuriosity (new word) of the Kererū Black Swan Whisky Barrel Aged Belgian Ale 2018 500ml ($37) is exactly what’s called for with these sensationally sticky, spicy short ribs.  Made with kiwi-grown hops and malts and Belgian candi sugar, it’s a quadruple Belgian ale aged for 12 months in wine barrels that previously held whisky. Cola-coloured and oozing caramelised spice and single malt-smokiness, it has a beautifully balanced sweetness that sings with this recipe.  Careful though, it’s 11.5%abv so don’t chug it!