Matahiwi Wild Holly Pinot Noir 2019 $45 (to be released)

Crafted by winemaker Ben McNab, this new vintage of the ‘Wild Holly’ is a step off the footpath and into the rugged, tufty, terrain on the outside of the norm.  Whole clusters of hand-harvested berries were sorted, gently transferred to an open-top fermenter, then punched-down or ‘pigéaged’ to kickstart a ferment using just the wild yeasts lurking around the canopy out in the vineyard.  These yeasts can’t help but consume the natural sugars in the juice, but they do it in a slower, cooler fashion than cultured ‘efficient’ yeasts in a packet.  The result is a beautifully aromatic wine bursting with florals, funky spices, and boasts the most incredibly vibrant crimson colour I’ve seen in ages.  Smooth, velvety and licked with black doris plums that arent ripe enough to fall off the tree yet.    The bottle itself features a splash of paint across the front and the most basic of string tags displaying the name, alcohol volume (13%) and standard drinks as is required by New Zealand law.  Regardless, it’s illegally tasty, vivacious and flirtatious, and something you need to own.