Churton Marlborough Viognier 2016 $37

The thing that winemaker Sam Weaver absolutely nails with this wine, is the acidity.  Viognier is notoriously difficult to achieve freshness and balance in, because its a grape that naturally wants to increase its sugar holdings during ripening and couldn’t give a fig about retaining acidity.  So the trick is harvesting when the grapes have fattened up with enough flavour, yet haven’t tipped over into the flabby zone texture-wise. Organically grown and skillfully crafted, the Churton viognier bursts with bright apricot, nectarine and peach blossom characters on the nose and palate, shows a slick, slippery, luxurious texture on the finish and shows solid length of flavour.  If I were a slab of tender pork belly, I’d be very afraid.