Black Estate Home North Canterbury Chardonnay 2018 $42

The Home Vineyard sits 6 kilometres north east of the Waipara Junction, in the Omihi sub-district of North Canterbury’s Waipara Valley. The un-grafted, Mendoza-clone chardonnay vines this wine was made from were planted in 1994 and since 2010 have been grown using organic and biodynamic practices, resulting in a wine oozing grilled citrus, layers of caramelised, spicy oak, creamy complexity and has a long, elegant, restrained finish.   “Made traditionally, with hand and heart, this bottle contains what happened in 2018” it says on the label.  Unfined and unfiltered, you’re going to encounter some cloudiness and sediment, so let the wine settle and preferably decant before serving.  A good one for the cellar.