If you’re planning to spend any time in a hotel on either of Blenheim’s main strip over the next few weeks then take it from me, you’ll need to pack a set of industrial-strength earplugs and renew your sleeping pill prescription.  Why?  Because it’s harvest time and every truck this side of the black stump is barrelling from one end of the region to the other, ferrying tonnes of precious grapes from the vineyards, through the town and off to various wineries and co-operative facilities to be processed.  This magnificent growing season has culminated in a glorious, grape-picking frenzy and it’s 24 hour, non-stop noise.  Exciting noise, good noise, but noisy noise all the same.  So don’t get all huffy and grizzle because you can’t do anything about it.  The wine industry keeps this region rolling so just make sure you come prepared. Stuff your ears, pop a pill and snuggle down.  You’ll thank me in the morning.