Even if you’re only drinking the occasional glass of wine with dinner, the acidity and tannins will play havoc with your enamel. However in my job, where I’m tasting a couple of dozen wines a week (or up to a hundred wines a day if I’m judging), it’s like I’ve declared all-out war on my poor, tortured teeth. Every wine is swirled around every nook; cranny and cavity before being spat out, leaving behind a layer of flavour loaded with ambitious acid molecules just aching to attack. They’ve got periodontal membrane on the brain and no amount of Sensodyne can stop it.

But the pain is worth it every time I taste something sensational that I can recommend you try. However you’ve got to take the rough with the smooth and this week there were a few more tragic examples than triumphant ones.

As I stood in line at my local supermarket recently I watched almost every second person pop a bottle of Whale Point, Obikwa or Two Oceans wine into their trolley.

I had to know what the appeal was….  Read On…