Moa Southern Alps White IPA 330ml $22.99x6pk

Brand new from Moa, this IPA is part of their ‘Living Beer’ series of bottle conditioned beers, meaning the beer is still brewing inside the bottle.  It’s a technique along the lines of traditional winemaking, hardly surprising seeing as brewer Josh Scott is also a winemaker.  Brewed with Vienna pale wheat malts, dry-hopped with Nelson […]

Wine column for week beginning Sat Jan 21, 2017

Come January 31st, a stampede of the world’s wine media, trade and enthusiasts will charge through Wellington for three days of what’s been described as “the best Pinot Noir event on the planet”.  The sold-out Pinot Noir NZ Celebration is like the pinot Olympics, the pinot X-Factor final, the pinot noir version of the annual […]

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