Julicher Martinborough Pinot Noir 2014

Julicher Martinborough Pinot Noir 2014 $45 It’s like inhaling the interior of a horse float, just after all the hay and other ‘stuff’ has been swept out.  It’s leathery and sweaty and feral, yet underpinned with wild strawberry, cherry and a hint of rhubarb.  Plush, plump and so incredibly smooth, it’s quite a gorgeous thing […]

Cambridge Road Martinborough Pinot Noir 2013

Cambridge Road Martinborough Pinot Noir 2013 $60  Lance Redgwell is a pinot master, and from his tiny, biodynamically-grown vineyard on the Martinborough terraces comes this juicy tsunami of black tea, Cherry Ripe bars, camphor, sandalwood,  earthy leather notes and layers of mushroomy complexity merge with finely chiseled tannins to produce a slick yet succulent and […]

One Off Red Planet Martinborough Pinot Noir 2016

One Off Red Planet Martinborough Pinot Noir 2016 $35  Winemaker to the stars, Rod McDonald has had a ‘thing’ for Martinborough pinot noir and finally, he’s managed to get his mitts on a perfect parcel of fruit to play with for his ‘One Off’ series.  These are wines that are never repeated and in extremely […]

Cambridge Road Martinborough Pinot Noir 2011

Cambridge Road Martinborough Pinot Noir 2011 $80  It’s very easy to see why Lance Redgwell put a ring on it and announced at the time of release that this is his finest pinot vintage to date, because seven years on from harvest, it’s absolutely blowing my mind.  Sourced from a small 5.5 acre (3 hectare) […]

Pencarrow Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Pencarrow Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017 $12.99 (Advintage.co.nz) Classic herbaceous nose, bruised basil and bouquet garni notes merge with lemon pith and passionfruity flavours, juicy citrus and lashings of cut grass goodness on the palate.  Suitably squinty acidity adds length to the finish.  It’s a crowd-pleaser. www.palliser.co.nz

Ashwell Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Ashwell Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2017 $20 Bright and bursting with citrus and nectarine notes in every sip. Add to that elderflower, lemon blossom and a lick of lemongrass and you get extra deliciousness on the nose and palate.  This little bit of Martinborough magic is intensely fresh on the palate, with zesty acidity, good astringency, […]

Canvas Column Saturday December 2nd 2017

Yvonne Lorkin Canvas reviews Dec 2 2017  click here  

Colombo Martinborough Sauvignon Blanc 2016 $20 (4 stars)

Beg, steal, borrow, do whatever it is you need to do in order to secure yourself a bottle of this ultra ripe, plump passionfruit and peachy wine produced by Swiss-Irish couple Carolyn Irwin and Baptist Sieber.  I love the herbaceous elements and layers of lemongrass on the finish and it’s just perfect with mussel fritters […]

Grava Martinborough Pinot Noir 2015 $45 (4.5 stars)

Wow! How intense is the fruit in this wine? Chock full of baked cherry, blackened berries, sweet, dark cocoa and baking spices, this little lovely from Lake Ferry Road has it all. Tiny amounts are made by Alastair Gardner and his wife Karla Falloon from grapes grown in deep gravel soils (hence ‘grava’), which provides […]

Decibel Martinborough Pinot Noir 2015 $40 (3.5stars)

Daniel Brennan is serious talent where winemaking is concerned, a young up-and-comer from the US carving a kiwi living creating wine in Hawke’s Bay and Martinborough.  It’s his background in the rock n roll business that’s responsible for the name Decibel, but this pinot noir is cool and calm in the background as opposed to […]

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