Goldie Wines Waiheke Syrah 2010

September 27, 2013By Yvonne

Goldie Wines Waiheke Syrah 2010 $36 ★★★★ A rich, savoury wine with a lovely layer of ripe fruit sweetness, pomegranate, pepper and plum flavours alongside solid tannins and a warm, smooth finish.  I would love to try this wine again in another year or so because I think it’ll be great with some extra time.

Syrah Spins My Wheels…

July 10, 2013By Yvonne

I’m writing this column the morning after having done my first spin class. If you’re a squeamish sort then hop up now and go and move the cat or phone a horoscope hotline for the next few minutes because this won’t be pretty.  I’m not talking about  channelling my inner rumplestiltskin with a bag of … Read More