Cloud Break California Chardonnay 2017 $23 (4 stars)

Here’s a barrel-fermented chardonnay that doesn’t feel like you’re licking a plank. Created from fruit sourced from different sites across Clarksburg, Lodi and Madera. The toastiness is there, yet it swings toward the creamy, buttery style while edged with white peach, hints of grapefruit, nutty nougat notes and caramelised characters. Made by Mark Rasmussen and […]

Yvonne Lorkin Wine Column for Week beginning Sat 21 July 2018

It finally happened. I actually gave in and let my husband throw away the ever-increasing collection of blackened bananas in our freezer. Bananas that I’d been ferociously protecting “For when I make banana cake!” And that’s a big ‘when’. Some of those ropey, wrinkly, fossilised bananas had been there for two years. Two. Which is […]

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