Brookfields Sun Dried Hawke’s Bay Malbec 2016 $26.99 (4 stars)

Sun-dried wines have been made since the 5th century BC, and ‘Amarone’ wines from northern Italy are the most famous examples. But they should definitely be looking over their shoulders, because this Brookfields malbec is a cracker. Handpicked fruit is sun-dried in trays a few meters outside of the winery. Then, when the grapes start […]

Yvonne Lorkin Wine Column for Week beginning Sat Sept 30 2017

Like many industries, the wine fraternity faces the constant challenge of adapting to appeal to upcoming generations of wine fans, the consumers of the future in an age where the drinks industry is a scarily crowded and competitive market, the likes of which consumers have never seen before. However, wine has an advantage in that […]

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