Are you New Zealand’s next wine professional?

August 22, 2015By Yvonne

Published NZME Regional Newspapers Sat 22 Aug 2015 If you have the skills to pay the bills in the wine department, then have I got a competition for you.  Auckland’s upcoming Wine and Food Celebration (Sept 13-15) sees the return of the New Zealand Sommelier of the Year, Junior Sommelier of the Year and the … Read More

The Humble Apple

August 8, 2015By Yvonne

Published NZME Regional Newspapers Sat 8 Aug 2015 The humble apple is a tight package of huge potential, you can bake, stew and fry them, juice, crumble and mousse them.  Thankfully we also have a hugely innovative craft cider industry, so there’s no shortage of people out there who are dedicated to fermenting them.  When … Read More

Nuggets of Chardonnay

August 8, 2015By Yvonne

Published NZME Regional Newspapers Sat 8 Aug 2015 Right now,  New Zealand’s most expensive white wine happens to be a chardonnay. This little nugget of news doesn’t surprise me because crafting great chardonnay can’t be done on the cheap.  First you need to find the perfect piece of land, then you need to source the … Read More

Juice from winery grapes has more kick

August 1, 2015By Yvonne

Published NZME Regional Newspapers Sat 1 Aug 2015 In all my years writing wine columns, one of the most common questions I’m asked, is whether it’s possible to find grape juice made from the types of grapes that make wine?  Why?  Believe me, once you’ve tasted the juice of a wine grape, it’s almost impossible … Read More

Spanish Drinkquisition

July 25, 2015By Yvonne

Published NZME Regional Newspapers Sat 25 July 2015   Armies of new Spanish wines are appearing pretty much everywhere I turn lately and this is brilliant news if you’re partial to spicy, smooth quaffers that won’t damage your wallet.  A bunch of canny importers bought up large while our kiwi dollar was strong – so … Read More

Roast Day cometh!!

July 18, 2015By Yvonne

Published NZME Regional Newspapers Sat 18 July 2015   Sunday August 2nd is fast becoming one of my favourite Sundays of the year because I have full permission to abandon all arty farty food anxieties and get amongst a gloriously old school roast. Selaks New Zealand Roast Day is a fantastic initiative instigated by the … Read More

Pinot Trail Tales…

July 14, 2015By Yvonne

Cloudy Bay’s winemaker Nick Lane is racing around the country hosting the Cloudy Bay Pinot and Duck Trail, a series of events designed to showcase how pinot noir and duck dishes are a match made in heaven. Today he’s at Auckland’s Sapphire Room where three of the best chefs in town are preparing duck-centric dishes … Read More

Sips and Pips

June 27, 2015By Yvonne

It’s been a whopper of a week in terms of wine tasting – so why waste time with faff and paff, let’s just get straight to what’s important.  This is what I reckon you should be seeking out to sip (and possibly what to avoid) this week:   Fairbourne Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2014 ($34) ★★★★½ … Read More

Paritua 21.12 vertical tasting

June 23, 2015By Yvonne

PARITUA 21.12 VERTICAL TASTING 24TH FEBRUARY 2015 Back in February I was lucky enough to secure a seat at the very first vertical assessment of Paritua’s flagship red, the 21.12 over its five vintage history.  Only 5 versions have been made, because not every year will offer the correct conditions for winemaker Jason Stent and … Read More

Twenty Five Years for Alpha Domus

June 16, 2015By Yvonne

Happy Birthday Alpha Domus “It’s a great time to celebrate 25 years of being in the wine trade,” says a clearly chuffed Paul Ham of Alpha Domus as he introduced a room full of hospitality professionals in Wellington recently. “It’s also the perfect time to introduce you all to the 2013 Aviator and 2013 Navigator. … Read More