Delta Hatters Hill Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2020 $29

After the first sniff and sip you’ll need to allow time for your face to adjust to the fact that your eyeballs have literally Ren & Stimpy’d on their stalks. What do I mean? Popped right out of their sockets. Ren & Stimpy? It’s a cartoon. From the 90’s. No, not like South Park, way more wacky. No, not like Beavis and Butthead, way more crazy. Look just Bing it. Bing? FFS, it’s a safer internet search engine than Google. FFS? Three words. First word ‘for’ last word ‘sake’.  No, not sake the Japanese beverage, I mean ‘sake’ as in rhymes with ‘rake’,’make’, and ‘mistake’. Which is what I did in the beginning of this review, by not simply following the ‘appearance, aroma, flavour’ standard tasting note model. Serves me right. Anyhoo. This sauvignon blanc erupts with passionfruit curd, lemon-verbena, lime juice and buckets of basil, it’s crunchy-crisp, and mouthfillingly fabulous.