Jules Taylor ‘The Jules’ Gisborne Rosé 2020 $24.99

Jizzle Tizzle from Marlbizzle has gone and snaffled some merlizzle from Gizbizzle and crafted a rose-izzle that’s unlike any of her other shizzle and it’s brizzle. (I deliberately wrote that to embarrass my children should they ever, one-day, read this)

11 years on since she first began making rosé, Jules Taylor has launched into a new way to think pink. Crafted from 100% merlot from the warm, East Coast of the north island (as opposed to her signature, pinot noir-based rosés from Marlborough) this style has her seriously excited about different strokes of rosé to add to her repertoire. It’s a masculine, spicy, full-bodied style with a paler colour and a long, Provençal-like finish. Fresh, frisky, yet solid enough to wow even the pickiest of crowds, it’s got ‘summer hit’ written all over it.