Odyssey Wines Hera Gisborne Chardonnay 2018 $70

Hera is winemaker Rebecca Salmond’s flagship chardonnay.  Rebecca is a chardonnay obsessive, so if she deems fruit worthy of ‘Hera’ status then chardonnay lovers like me sit up and take notice.  Before I launch into telling you how much I love this wine, here’s a quick Greek mythology refresher.  Hera is the Queen of the Olympian gods, known also as the protector of women and the goddess of marriage and birth.  She was married to Zeus, but she ruled over the heavens and the Earth, being given the name “Queen of Heaven”.  Heavenly is how this limited edition, namesake wine tastes.  Wild fermented in 50% new French oak, this premium Gisborne fruit has created a sophisticated, stylish, grapefruity and golden example that’s silky, succulent and incredibly satisfying.  The oak is nutty and caramelised, the texture is creamy, cashew-like and the whole thing is just lovely to drink.