Yvonne Lorkin Canvas Column for Sat Oct 21 2017

Labour Weekend.  That means it’s time for your annual momentary lapse of riesling…

Tohu Single Vineyard Marlborough Riesling 2016 $19.66
The soft, spicy apple and lime aromas of this beautifully bone-dry riesling really appeal.  Immediately zesty and gum-tingling on the palate, boatloads of mandarin, lemon, and grapefruity goodness abound on the finish.
Sip with: parsley and panko crusted fish fillets.

Millton Opou Vineyard Gisborne Riesling 2015 $28
Organic, biodynamically-grown goodness here from East Coast icons James and Annie Millton.  At just 8.5% alc, it’s retained a hefty whack of natural, honeysuckle-like sweetness which harmoniously connects with zesty, citrus-led freshness, apple, lime and all-round loveliness.
Sip with: chicken tikka marsala.

Judge Rock Central Otago Riesling 2016 $24
A lovely, honey-biscuit aroma leads to soft apple and citrus concentration in this Alexandra-grown goblet of goodness.  A burst of natural sweetness is balanced out by crushed shell minerality, tangy acidity and spicy complexity on the finish.  Textural and taut.
Sip with: garlic smoked mussels.

Footnote: NZ wineries.  Insisting on making people commit to buying six bottles at a time when purchasing online is ridiculous.  Who wants to be forced to buy six bottles of something they’ve never tasted before? This is why you sell sweet f.a. online right?  Single bottle sales please.  Just put the shipping costs there, in plain sight and let our readers make up their own mind about paying a wee bit extra.  Do other online sites make you buy 6 pairs of jeans, jars of jam or fishing reels because it’s more convenient to ship in bulk?  No.  Don’t be lazy, don’t be greedy, just make your good wine easier to get please.

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