Marisco Pride and Glory Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc 2011 $65 ★★★★★-®CDT_MV_P&G 11_D3A7974.1

Yes, you saw it correctly, a four year old sauvignon blanc that’s a new release!  For Brent Marris and his team this has been a special project to produce a sassily complex sauvignon sourced from the Waihopai Valley that oozes white peach, lemon verbena, creamy tropical characters and shows soft, chalky, nougat-like layers on the finish.  It’s a wine that offers something different with every sip, something that makes you go ‘wow, that’s crazy sauvignon’.  And that’s because it is crazy sauvignon.  Aging in French oak on chardonnay lees will do that.