Invercargill Brewery Pitch Black Imperial Stout

Invercargill Brewery Pitch Black Imperial Stout 9% 330ml $8

If you’re a fan of their 4.5% Pitch Black stout then you’ll no doubt be crowing “Amazeballs!” from the rooftops when you try this re-worked, double strength version.  They’ve doubled the original recipe and halved the water which meant the mash got stuck and then after the ferment they threw it into Central Otago pinot noir barrels for three months.  The result has seductive marmite, roasted hazelnuts and fresh, dark cocoa, prune and treacle notes – stunning stuff.   “This is very much Pitch Black for beer geeks” says brewer Steve Nally “it’s outside the realms of everyday – having been designed to be sipped, savoured and possibly even cellared” he adds.

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