heston’s feast  (new to food tv)

MONDAY 12.30pm, 4.30pm, 8.30pm FROM 17th September


Heston Blumenthal becomes a gastronomic timelord as he turns off his blowtorch, puts on his chef whites and travels back in time to culinary worlds that have gone un-tasted for centuries to find out if the future of food lies in the gastronomy of our past.  Heston’s mission is to surprise jaded 21st century palates by scientifically reconstructing an inventive back-to-the-future banquet consisting of forgotten flavours, textures and taste sensations. In each episode Heston will create a spectacular mouthwatering historical feast complete with all the sumptuous, orgiastic, excessive mayhem our ancestors took for granted.

RICK STEIN’S Spain                  (new to food tv)

TUESDAY 12.30pm, 4.30pm & 8.30pm FROM 18TH SEPTEMBER


Rick Stein has visited Spain since he was a young boy. In the past, French and Italian cooking have been seen to have more finesse, but thanks to a handful of really dedicated Spanish chefs and a growing enthusiasm for its rugged flavours, that has all begun to change. According to Rick, no one cooks fish with more respect or grills meat better. Now, Rick travels the length and breadth of the country in an old campervan, going off the beaten track to discover the authentic soul (‘duende’) of Spanish cooking.


FRIday 12.00pm, 4.00pm & 8.00pm from 21ST SEPTEMBER


The Choccywoccydoodah team is back, creating chocolate mayhem and mischief wherever they go. As the nights draw in and chocolate becomes the food of choice, it’s time to be inspired by some truly spectacular creations. The Doodahs have plenty of orders to keep them busy from autumn to Christmas. From a wondrous stag’s head inspired cake design to be auctioned at a celebrity fundraiser with A-listers Ronnie Wood and Manolo Blahnik, to a really, really wicked cake, where the cast of Choccy get to hang out with the cast of this glittering West End Musical. And that’s just for starters.  As the season rolls on, attend a whirl of society do’s and glamorous parties, meet the great and the good, from royal dignitaries to A-listers and somewhere in-between. There’s plenty to entertain and raise an eyebrow or two….


market kitchen big adventure                    (NEW EPISODES)

weekdays 2.00am, 6.00am & 10.00am FROM 17TH SEPTEMBER


The ever-popular series hits the road and travels across Britain’s culinary landscape in an epic journey from Cornwall to Scotland, to search out and celebrate the very best of British produce and ingredients. Each week expert chef Matt Tebbutt will travel through a different part of the country in the company of a great chef that either has a connection to the region, loves its food, or is simply keen to discover its gastronomic delights. Together they’ll embark on a delicious journey to get everyone more adventurous with food.


hell’s kitchen usa                 (NEW TO FOOD TV)

MONDAY 1.30pm, 5.30pm & 9.30pm FROM 24th SEPTEMBER


Fearsome chef Gordon Ramsay risks his reputation in Hell’s Kitchen USA. With culinary drama, foul language and gastronomic passion, Michelin-starred Ramsay roasts a batch of American restaurateur hopefuls, and attempts to inspire a new group of budding chefs.  Who has what it takes to withstand the heat in Hell’s Kitchen and win the prize of their own restaurant?


neven maguire home chef            (new series)

wednesday 12.00pm, 4.00pm, 8.00pm FROM 12TH SEPTEMBER

In this third series, top chef and restaurateur Neven Maguire visits some of Ireland’s best known brands and, in some cases, the farmers that supply the raw ingredients. Many of these brands are still owned by the original families, and some of the companies are the oldest privately owned companies in Ireland. As before, Neven will cook dishes that are adapted from dishes served in his restaurant. Some of these recipes will be shot on location using a mobile kitchen, in front of a small crowd, enabling Neven to interact with the audience and give them the opportunity to try out his delicious dishes. Other recipes will be filmed in his kitchen at home in Blacklion.

FOOD FACTORY SUPERSIZED      (Premier)                                       

WEDNESDAY 2.00pm, 6.00pm & 10.00PM FROM 5TH SEPTEMBER

Stefan Gates has travelled the world, sampling food from every country and culture. Now he’s on a mission closer to home. He’s going to uncover the secrets behind the everyday supermarket food we love by making it Food Factory style. Setting up shop in a barn, he challenges his special guests to make popular foods by building their very own production lines. Will the teams be able to make freeze dried coffee that’s delicious rather than disgusting and will their fake cheese fool everyone or fail to impress? It’s down to the taste testers, comprising of members of the public, to decide whose product is most like the one we buy in the supermarket. The competition reveals the crazy amount of science and technology that goes on behind the scenes to make the foods we take for granted.


WEDNESDAY 3.30pm, 7.30PM & 11.30pm FROM 26TH SEPTEMBER

With her winning mix of passion, enthusiasm and greed, Nigella Lawson is in the kitchen cooking food for modern living that you can, and will, want to make all the time – whatever the situation. There are easy, everyday, fast and fabulous recipes to beat the clock and celebrate the end of the working day; then more leisurely recipes to unwind with over relaxing weekends. As well as creating dazzling dishes for greedy days, Nigella offers up inspiring and inventive ways to make leftovers delicious.


 POH’S KITCHEN                   (NEW EPISODES)


Poh’s back on the road clocking up some fantastic food experiences – some definitively not for the faint hearted. When it comes to food, often it’s the locals who know best and in this series Poh is on a culinary adventure to meet some of the country’s finest producers and chefs who know how to bring out the best in their produce.  From shearing sheep, swimming with tuna, catching squid and climbing palm trees, it’s a sure change from life as a city-slicker but with her trademark enthusiasm, Poh takes to it with gusto.  Using her skilful appreciation of just what it takes to produce the most mouth-watering meals, Poh susses out the local knowledge and brings it to life for audiences at home.

CHEF OFF                            (PREMIERE)

THURSDAY 1.30pm, 5.30pm & 9.30pm FROM 20TH SEPTEMBER

This series follows a cooking competition between chefs and rivals Michael Lyon and Michael Blackie.  Far from the safety of their world-class restaurants, each chef must square off against his opponent in a no-holds barred culinary competition.  In every episode, these duelling foodies take on whatever is thrown at them: bizarre ingredients, twists, turns, rules that suddenly change and judges who might be culinary experts or children.  With guile, guts and their own instinct for survival, they must out cook their opponent – or face a diabolically humiliating punishment.



Catch and Cook with Adventure Aaron sees Aaron Carotta challenged to go out and gather main ingredients by a celebrity regional chef or cook. Aaron will start at the top of the North Island and work his way right down to the home of the famous muttonbirds – and the world-renowned Bluff oysters. With each of these adventures, which also showcases the unrivalled and magnificent beauty of New Zealand, Aaron will bring his ‘catch’ back to a celebrity chef of the particular region he is in, who will in turn show him how to get the very best out of it.