Moi Wines Waimauku Cabernet Franc 2015 $32

Young winemaker Renée Dale managed to secure some rare cabernet franc fruit from the Twin Totara vineyard out in Waimauku, and then rose every day at 4am to plunge the ferment before heading over to her other job at Westbrook Wines. Were those red-eye starts worth it? Yessir! The palate has glorious dark berries, blackcurrant, […]

Yvonne Lorkin Wine Column for Week beginning Sat 21 July 2018

It finally happened. I actually gave in and let my husband throw away the ever-increasing collection of blackened bananas in our freezer. Bananas that I’d been ferociously protecting “For when I make banana cake!” And that’s a big ‘when’. Some of those ropey, wrinkly, fossilised bananas had been there for two years. Two. Which is […]

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