Green Man Organic Premium Pils

Green Man Organic Premium Pils 500ml $8 A clean, delicate pilsner with soft, lifted, herbaceous aromatics and a smooth, refreshing finish.  I really like this beer because it’s brilliant with so many different food styles and it’s ultra-long on flavour.  Buy from Green Man Organic Pils

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Three Boys Brewery ‘Tres Amigos’

Three Boys Brewery ‘Tres Amigos’ 330ml 5%alc I know I shouldn’t say this but the packaging had me hooked.  Three little stickmen one in a sombrero, one in a huge moustache and one in a poncho holding hands and looking happy sit above some guff written in Mexican which I think told me to drink […]

Tuatara London Porter

Tuatara London Porter 330ml $19.25x6pk Brewed using crystal, chocolate and roast malts, this beer oozes espresso, caramel and cocoa characters.  I love the rich smoothness of the texture and how it coats the mouth in silky, savoury flavours which hang in the mid-palate long after you’ve swallowed.  For stockists visit   Tuatara London Porter

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Naturale Skor Premium Lager

Naturale Skor Premium Lager ($6 x 340ml) Created by Tony Dapson from BrewMoreBeers Ltd, this is a fantastic little lager that I discovered at the Hawke’s Bay A&P Show recently.  Vibrantly hoppy with flavoursome, mouthfilling malt and a refreshingly rich finish it’s a good drop from this small brewery.  Even my truck driver dad pronounced […]

Belhaven ‘Wee Heavy’ Scottish Ale 500ml

Belhaven Wee Heavy Scottish Ale 500ml 6.5% $8 Saucy ruby-amber in the glass with enduring, creamy head, and sweet caramel aromas followed by a silky, smoky mouthfeel and a rich, rewarding finish.  Available from selected supermarkets and liquor outlets, otherwise for a stockist near you.

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Moa ‘Blanc Evolution’ 375ml

Moa ‘Blanc Evolution’ 375ml 6.2% ($32 x 4pk) A creamy, fluffy head above a cloudy, golden liquid leads the way to hints of coriander to spice up the smooth, crisp palate of this Belgian-style wheat beer.  I love the long, zesty finish.  Visit for stockists.

Boundary Road Brewery ‘Chosen 1’ Golden Lager

Boundary Road Brewery ‘Chosen 1’ Golden Lager 330ml ($14x6pk) A crisp, lipsmacking 5%abv  lager with lifted green hoppy notes, hints of oatmeal on the palate and a gentle tang on the finish.  A touch of bitterness cleans it up nicely.  Available at supermarkets nationwide.

Reefton Phoenix Golden Ale

Reefton Phoenix Golden Ale 330ml 5% $4 Reefton is known as the ‘Town of Light’ after having the first public supply of electricity in the Southern Hemisphere, but now it lends its name to this zesty beer which has snappy, malty aromatics, hints of oyster shell and a long, sparkling tangy finish.  It’s just fabulous […]

Green Man Organic Tequila Beer

Green Man Organic Tequila Beer 5.6% $8 500ml I’m not usually a huge fan of ‘flavour infused’ beers but this example actually spun my wheels.  Cloudy with a pale, foamy head and a clean, distinctive aroma of lime and tequila which adds a element of gringo to an already crisp, flavoursome lager.  Definitely the right […]

Hallertau Deception Luxe Schwarzbier

Hallertau Deception Luxe Schwarzbier 330ml $4.50 Sexy golden syrup colour and oozes smoky, charred characters interwoven with espresso and bitter cocoa notes.  It has a refreshing finish despite its smouldering nature and provides the perfect partner with smoked lamb rumps dusted with pepper and thyme.  To buy direct email or try your luck at  

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