Goshawk Estate Hawke’s Bay Cabernet Sauvignon 2018$poa

Well well well. If I haven’t just managed to snaffle a bottle of the top-secret solo project from Mills Reef’s long-time, legendary winemaker, Paul Dawick. The name is taken from his mum’s maiden name (Drummond) and there happened to be a Goshawk bird attached to the coat of arms on her clan’s family crest.  Dawick has access to some of the finest Gimblett Gravels cabernet sauvignon fruit around, and I’m telling you now if there’s anyone in this country who can consistently craft excellent examples, it’s Paul. Scented with bay leaf, smoked berryfruit, dark cocoa and menthol, and boasting a palate chockful of berryfruit, cuddly cough-drop spices, soft, chewy tannins and marathon-like length of flavour, it’s easy to see the influence of it being matured for 18 months in large, 100% new French Oak hogshead barrels, then bottled unfined and unfiltered. Very simply, it’s darn lovely.