I’m as open-minded as the next cynical critic about new packaging and as such I welcomed the chance for canned wine to redeem itself.

DeVine Sparkling Brut NV 200ml can $5.99 ($19.99 4pk)

I think it was the playdough-yellow packaging and tired, tacky, grapey motifs on the front that initially made me throw up a little as I tore open the tab.  But when I collected myself enough to think about sipping it, I realised that what made me actually recoil, was that it smelled (and tasted) like the dregs of an old, sunbaked, rancid, can of sugar-free V. I poured it into a glass (which kind of defeats the purpose of it being packaged in a neck-it-direct can) and it was only marginally less puke inducing.

DeVine Sparkling Rosé NV 200ml can $5.99 ($19.99 4pk)

Where to start.  The packaging is awful.  A purile, dolly-pink can with weird, green, red and white racing stripes around the bottom, which when opened emits an odour I can only describe as when the family labrador is accidentally left alone with the groceries in the boot of the Volkswagen.  Of course, it rips into the bag of pink marshmallows (purchased for young Arabella’s post-ballet grading sleepover), is wracked with guilt, has anxious sugar fit and vomits it up across the hot, leather upholstery.  It actually tastes better than that but it’s hard to get past the smell.  However (and let’s be positive) it is dry.  It is pink.  It is fizzy.  So I’m sure it’ll be a hit.


I’m told both cans will be available in bottle stores, New World, Pak n Save, Four Square, Supervalue, Fresh Choice and other licensed stores.